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Something beautiful happens when we encounter a sea creature under water. It's like the world stops, nothing else exists, and there's only the two of you right there and then. Silver bubbles and sun rays light up the dance floor and you dance and you embrace each other's beauty and feed your curiosity. The pattern on the whale reminisce the bathymetry lines of the long journey whales undergo every year, and if we are fortunate enough, we cross paths and have a mutual exchange in awe.


The Dance sticker is based off of the original linocut print.

Sticker size is roughly 4x6 printed on clear vynil with a die cut edge.

The Dance - White/Teal

SKU: 2021S001
  • At this time we are unable to offer returns, all sales are final.

  • Stickers shipped in bidodegratable and compostable materials. Please reuse as much as possible, and dispose correctly. Thank you very much!

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