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When my mother was 21, she travelled to Hawai'i in search for waves and adventures. When she stopped in Maui she had a custom board made; 7'2'', thick, wide, and with a pulled in diamond tail. A translucid pink single fin and matching artwork on the deck were the highlights of the board. Upon her departure she could not afford the board's fee, so as she was crying at the airport a gentleman came up to her and paid for the fee!


Till today we still have the surfboard, and it will forever remain in the family as a legacy and icon of adventure, freespirit-ness, and freedom. That is the board that got my siblings and I interested in surfing.

This is one of the limited edition series of prints from 'The Golden Years', which portray my mother during her adventures in Hawai'i and the French Polynesia. These prints have a gold leaf applied by hand.

The overall product size is 8x10in and the paper has a deckled edge. The print can be framed as is, matted, or floated for a more dramatic effect.

PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: All prints are hand made and made to order, therefor every print is unique. The gold application will vary as every Prints are not matted. print is made by hand to order.

Prints are made, packaged and shipped from Hawai'i.


  • At this time we are unable to offer returns, all sales are final.

  • Linocut prints are shipped in bidodegratable and compostable materials. Please reuse as much as possible, and dispose correctly. Thank you very much!

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