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As a passionate sailor, my fatherʼs ultimate dream was to sail with me long the south pacific. Heʼd be inspired by the adventures of the Kon Tiki and our own personal adventures. As a child, we'd bond over fixing an old boat he used to have, and so, the aquatic life became even more special. Sailing somewhere in the south pacific is still on our bucket list and someday weʼll make it happen, even if itʼs along the coast of Kauai to marvel at the wonders nature has to offer.

This is one of the series of prints that tell stories.

The linoleum cut print is laid over a map, in this case Hawai'i. The overall product size is 11x14in and the paper has a deckled edge. The print can be framed as is, matted, or floated for a more dramatic effect,

PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: All prints are hand made and made to order, therefor every print is unique. Map color and section of map will vary, but selection will be made as precise as possible. Prints are not matted.

Prints are made, packaged and shipped from Hawai'i.

A Father's Dream

SKU: IMP20210030
  • At this time we are unable to offer returns, all sales are final.

  • Linocut prints are shipped in bidodegratable and compostable materials. Please reuse as much as possible, and dispose correctly. Thank you very much!

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