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A Father's Dream

As a passionate sailor, my fatherʼs ultimate dream was to sail with me long the south pacific. Heʼd be inspired by the adventures of the Kon Tiki and our own personal adventures. As a child, we'd bond over fixing an old boat he used to have, and so, the aquatic life became even more special. Sailing somewhere in the south pacific is still on our bucket list and someday weʼll make it happen, even if itʼs along the coast of Kauai to marvel at the wonders nature has to offer.


Against All Odds

"...And so, she went on a journey to pursue her dreams against all odds"

This print represents the hurdles and fears we all have to face in order to pursue our goals and achieve greatness. Sharks represent those fears and the surf she's heading off to represent those ambitious goals.


Surf Like A Girl

'Surf Like A Girl' embraces the moment when a mother is about to take her daughter out for her first surf session. It is valuable when generations pass on their knowledge from one to another. My mother was one of the pioneering surfing women in Uruguay, and my brothers and I started surfing after we discovered an old forgotten surfboard stashed in the house. She had it all cleaned up and fixed, and after that we were hooked for life!

I'm constantly inspired by fearless and strong women who surf and push the limits, so this piece goes out to all the surfing women out there who rip and those who are just getting started too. Don't give up!

IMG_3633_crop copy.jpg

Make Your Path

I believe that when you are deeply passionate about your goals the world will open doors to help you achieve them. Make Your Path expresses this concept and speaks for personal experiences underwater and on land.

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Wave Maker.JPG
Passing Cloud.jpg
Resilient I.jpg

Neon Lining

Back in 2018 I experienced devastating California wildfires which took the homes of many families and wildlife. Although devastating, the unbreathable ashy air resulted in the most amazing neon sunsets I had ever seen, and made me think how a negative disaster could produce such a beautiful sight. Similarly, at the time I was living in San Francisco juggling depression, fear, and discomfort, and as I ventured into kelp-heavy hostile California waves I came across remarkable people, surfed with dolphins, whales, and shared experiences that would have never happened if it wasn’t for the place I was at the time. Neon lining finds that neon sunset that occurs regardless of the pain and chaos in life.

Wave Maker

I’ve recently come across confident and bold women who’ve redefined the norm of being a pregnant surfer. Thank you for proving that a pregnancy doesn’t make you weak, nor does it remove surfing from your life. You’re strong, beautiful, and lead by example.

Passing Cloud

‘Passing cloud is a form of cephalopod pigmentation pattern where a dark band travels across the body of the animal. It can be superimposed on various static body patterns and textures’


The octopus adapts, changes shape and color to survive. It seeks shelter in shells and other hard-surfaced elements along the ocean floor, including a coconut. I believe that we should aim to be more like an octopus, adapt to succeed, be resourceful to survive, be bright when you want to and blend it when you need to.

Resilient I

As the world shut down and human race struggled with the damage and dangers caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, nature took that opportunity to rebuild itself. With the lack of human-induced sedimentation and chemical sunscreen residue, water clarity improved, sea turtles returned to Hanauma Bay and the reef began to heal. This piece raises awareness with hope that humankind changes their relationship with nature; showing more care and respect. Please do your part and leave only footprints on the sand, chose reef-safe sunscreen, biodegradable and compostable products, and reduce waste. Show some Aloha to nature.

To Shop all other art pieces, please send us an email with the artwork's name and size and we'll be able to provide a quote. Thank you!
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