Odile 'Odi' Schlossberg grew up in Argentina and surfing in Uruguay, where she developed an irreplaceable passion for the ocean.  It was not long before she started traveling the world searching for surf, and new sources of inspiration.

She is currently based in Hawaii, where the connection with the ocean and nature is inherent in the lifestyle. With this notion in mind, the concept behind the artwork is to express and share the lifestyle.

Her style developed from combining principles of graphic design and the fluid motion of acrylic paint.​

She collaborated with SurfAid as their 2019 event series Artist, and developed the artwork for all 8 surf contests across California and Australia to help raise funds during their SurfAid Cup contests.

"Those of you who surf understand that same feeling we all get when we see a perfect wave, or the sun set while we're sitting on our board waiting for a wave...

Surf's Up!"

To shop additional artwork not available at the online shop, freelance work in the areas of art direction, graphic design,  large format artwork, and original commissions please email: odisurfart@gmail.com

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