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Odile 'Odi' Schlossberg grew up in Argentina and at an early age where she developed an irreplaceable passion for the ocean. It was not long before she started traveling the world searching for surf, and new sources of inspiration.

Her surfing and sailing adventures opened her world to a unique understanding of beauty unique to each place.


The connection with the ocean and nature is inherent in her lifestyle, and her artwork aims to express and share this relationship we have with nature as Water People.


She earned her Masters in Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, where making and experimenting was part of her everyday routine. During her time in San Francisco she took on print making which has influenced the style and quality we experience today.


The use of mixed media speaks for her cross-disciplinary background, travel and adventures. She continuously seeks to develop new techniques and fresh ways to convey emotions through her craft.


She is currently based in Hawai'i, where she surfs every morning at dawn before work. When she’s not working, creating or surfing, she can be found spending quality time outdoors with her furry companion Fiji.

To shop additional artwork not available at the online shop, freelance work in the areas of art direction, graphic design, large format artwork, and original commissions please email:

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